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automotive and industrial treatment system

The Perfect-T range of products is a complete automotive and industrial treatment system. It is specially formulated to maximize fuel combustion to save petrol and diesel. It also to improve the performance of your vehicle as well as reducing harmful vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions which contribute to air pollution. Using palm oil as its base, it is the result of an extensive research by Prof. Dr. Ku Halim bin Ku Hamid, the Head of the Centre of Environmental Research, UiTM. He is a renowned scientist with numerous local and international awards to his name.


The Perfect-T is being developed from a natural source, it is evident that the Perfect-T range of products is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional treatments, while the collaboration with UiTM ensures the level of quality you would expect from a premium treatment system. With its clear benefits to your vehicle and the positive impact towards the environment, the Perfect-T range of products positions itself as an important breakthrough in treatment technology and is a necessity in today’s driving condition.

providing a cleaner and better living environment

We believe in the continuous commitment and effort in preserving the environment through motor industry, providing a cleaner and better living environment for the future generation. Our award-winning additive oil signifies our commitment to these believe, produced in collaboration with award winning university and internationally recognised award winning inventor.

quality and effectiveness

We take pride in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of our oil so as to uphold our believe while marking our contribution to the betterment of the automotive industry as well as preserving the environment.

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