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We believe in being the link that connects the employment industry and the education sector through preparing and providing graduates who are equipped with industry-required skills and characters. Our ground-breaking and revolutionary entrepreneurship program; specifically crafted and designed to produce experienced graduate entrepreneurs, is also capable to meet the industrial requirement and needs, providing the industry with not only academically qualified candidates, but potential executives and staffs with the required criteria, attitude, skills and experience. Known to be the first of its kind in the region, the program has been proven to exceed the requirements set by the Education Ministry and highly able to cater to the challenging requirements of the employment industry as their achievement and performance in the program were rated according to our strict Key Result Area and Behavioural Competencies factors.


This entrepreneurship programme is designed to achieve the following main objective

  1. To develop students to become entrepreneurs as entrepreneurship is one of the items or issue stated in the Critical Agenda Programme determined by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
  2. To expedite and assist the Government’s aspiration in achieving five percent (5%) of graduates to become entrepreneurs.
  3. To develop students to become “hands-on” entrepreneurs rather than “theoretical” entrepreneurs.
  4. To eliminate the label of “fresh graduates” upon completion of their studies through experiences gained during the course of this programme.
  5. To improve and maximise human capital especially on viability, competitiveness and resilience for every student upon graduation.
  6. To reduce unemployment rate amongst graduates.


  1. Signing of MoA in 2011 with one of Malaysia’s leading private institution of higher learning to implement HOPE at their main campus in Shah Alam, Selangor.
  2. Organisation of HOPE Day in campus by HOPE students, which involves an Award Presentation Ceremony and Entrepreneurship Events.
  3. More than 100 new business entities were created during the tenure of the program. More than 700 young entrepreneurs were developed.

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